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    UPDATED: November 25th, 2017

    The following is the official list of allowed and disallowed modifications for SkyCrush. Logging in with disallowed modifications is not allowed, it is punishable as per the official server rules found on the forums. If an allowed modification has features of disallowed modifications, you are not allowed to use it for such purposes, an example being using the Macros Mod for auto-mining. Similarly, you are not allowed to use disallowed modifications for the purpose of allowed modifications within, an example being using a Hacked Client for autofish.

    If any modifications you wish to use are not listed here and you are unsure whether they are allowed, contact me and I will clarify that for you, most likely adding it to this list.

    This list is subject to change at any time, and changes will be logged as replies below. Not knowing of this list or not knowing about the changes to this list is not a valid excuse to use such disallowed modifications.

    Allowed Modifications
    • Damage Indicators
    • Block Indicators
    • Minimaps
      • They must not show the locations of chests, players and mobs
    • Replay Mod
    • World Downloaders
    • Better Sprinting
    • Schematica
      • The printer feature cannot be used
    • Optifine
    • Shaders
    • Too Many Items Mod
    • Not Enough Items Mod
    • Armour HUD
    • Potion HUD
    • Togglesprint
    • Status Effects Mod
    • Coordinates Mod
    • Mouse Tweaks Mod
    • Autoclickers
      • Not allowed in PvP, on grinders and on mobs
    • Autofish
    • Inventory Tweaks Mod
    • LabyMod
    • 5zig
    • TabbyChat
    • FastCraft
    • Chat Companion Mod
    • Fullbright
    • Gamma Mod
    • Autosign
    • Barry's Mod
    • Macros
      • Not allowed for autosell, auto-mining, auto-moving & printing

    Disallowed Modifications
    • Hacked Clients
    • Ghost Clients
    • Autosell Scripts
    • Auto-mining
    • Auto-movement
    • Printer
    • Anti-afk Kickers
    • X-ray Resource Packs/ Mods
    • Nukers
    • Scenters
    • Larger Nametags
    • Forcefield
    • Smart Moving
    • Player Radars
    • Togglejump
    • Tracers
    • Chest Finders
    • Autoswitchers
    • Fly Hacks
    • Cave Finders
    • Player Finders
    • Cheating Essentials Mod
    • Skin Blinkers
    • Picture In Picture Mod
    • KillAura
    • TriggerBots
    • AntiFire
    • AntiCactus
    • NoSlow
    • AntiBlindness
    • AntiKnockback
    • AutoArmour
    • AutoSoup
    • Linked Spam Bots
    • Blink
    • Derp
    • Headless
    • Dolphin
    • Scaffold
    • Freecam
    • Jesus
    • NoFall
    • NoWeb
    • Spider
    • Throw Trajectories
    • AutoFire
    • Chest Stealer
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