Accepted Zexoh's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Appeal Bans & Mutes' started by Zexoh, Mar 31, 2018.

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    Dec 1, 2017
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    Your IGN (in-game name):

    Punishment? (ex: 24h mute)

    Staff that punished you?
    Not to sure, maybe lol something, he told me he was the new owner of SkyCrush.

    Reason for Punishment (ex:Mute Evading)
    "Um.. you weren't important enough for a ban message"
    Evidence -

    I am an ex helper due to this situation, I was on SkyCrush doing my job, and this "lol" person had legend rank, and was speaking in admin chat trying to convince me he was the new owner, I had to take precaution and asked him to join discord or I would ask for him to be blacklisted following the fact I had no information he was the new owner, then I was perm banned. I do not think this was fair as I spent over 8 hours a day on this server, devoting most time to it, and had donated over $40, I was active on the forums and very popular to the players on the server, I feel I was a big part of the server and feel like I was mistreated. I do not think the punishment was fair and was hoping you would rethink you decision, I would love to receive my staff rank back but if not, would settle just playing the server again, still trying to make a big impact on the servers growth.
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    Not sure what happened here...