Hey SkyCrushers!

We (the Administration Team) have been working very hard to push these updates out.

Mystery Mob Spawners
Mystery Mob Spawners are where you receive a spawner named 'Mystery Mob Spawner' which can be right-clicked to receive a random spawner. from the list. This has been balanced out through the use of chances, crate chances, etc.


Mobs & Chances
  • Spider: 40%
  • Creeper: 35%
  • Zombie: 30%
  • Magma Cube: 20%
  • Blaze: 15%
  • Endermite: 10%
  • Silverfish: 7%
  • Villager: 5%
  • Zombie Pigman: 3%
  • Iron Golem: 1%
How do you get it?
At the moment, you can only get this through crates (Vote, Legendary, and Monthly) and VoteParty's. But, more ways will be added soon ;)

Custom Fishing
We felt bored with the normal fishing. So, we added this to let you get money from Fishing, as well as some other perks as well! To sell your fish do /mf shop.

Minion Placing Increased!
Here is the list of what they now are;
  • Member: 3
  • Loyal: 5
  • Premium: 7
  • Sponsor: 10
  • Hero: 13
  • Executive: 15
  • Supreme: 17
  • Legend: 20
  • Exalted: 23
  • Platinum: 25
  • King: 27
  • God: 30
You may have noticed a section called Changelogs. This is where we post updates that are too small for an Announcement. Some major changes are;
  • Adding New ranks
  • Revamping the entire forums
  • Adding the Christmas spawn
  • Making the forums snow
  • Fixing lag issues
  • Making players have more minions
November 25, 2017
Hello SkyCrushers,

Our website is currently undergoing a revamp. Please make sure to sign up and stay tuned for more updates regarding the website. Thanks for the continuous support and expect many new exciting updates coming soon.

SkyCrush Administration Team