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    Your IGN (in-game name):

    How old are you?:
    13yrs old

    What is your timezone?:

    When did you start playing on SkyCrush?:
    Dec 28, 2017

    What times can you be on SkyCrush?:
    Monday: 3pm - 7pm
    Tuesday: 3pm - 7pm
    Wednesday: 3pm - 7pm
    Thursday: 3pm - 7pm
    Friday: 3pm - 7pm
    Saturday; 7am - 6pm
    Sunday; 7am - 6pm

    On Public Holidays and School Holidays I can play all day.

    Are you able to use SkyCrush's Discord? Do you have a microphone?:

    Are you able to record in-game? If so what do you use?
    Yes I can, I use AMD Raptr Evolved.

    Have you ever been banned/temp banned on *any* servers?:

    Why are you applying for staff on SkyCrush over other servers?:
    Most other servers already have a lot of staff members and aren't accepting anymore applications. Some are but I do not play often on those servers. SkyCrush is by far the server I play on the most and I believe that I can make SkyCrush a better place to be!

    What qualities would you bring to the staff team?:
    I am a mature person in real life and I bring that to the games I play as well. I don't get frustrated at games if I lose and I am not a salty person in general.

    I am quite experienced in the aspect of catching hackers. One of my friends used to hack a couple of years ago! I highly encouraged him to stop hacking and after a while he did. I think hacking is not very smart and you would just get banned if you hacked so what's the point? Since my friend was a hacker himself I know how hacker move unnaturally and different to other players.

    I would make the server a fun place to be as well as being realistic. When arguments happen, I could resolve it in a slightly humorous way. Having been in one myself I know that having humour is a good way to solve it!

    I have some awesome ideas that the server could add! some jokes and quizzes are just some of the cool ideas I have. The staff members now are coming up with great ideas and I believe I can help them come up with even more and help them achieve their goals.

    The server currently has a few bugs that I know of like some items in the crates and I would make sure to fix them as soon as I find them or get notified of them.

    Out of every other staff application that we will receive, what makes yours stand out above the rest?:
    Since I am in Australia, I think that I could be on when most other staff members aren't on. This would mean that almost all of the time there would be at least one staff member online whenever someone needs one!

    I have also been playing for quite a while now and I am very experienced with the server!

    I have donated to the server as I bought kit keys from the store and I am loving it!

    Do you have previous experience moderating a community? If so, where? What did you learn from this experience?:
    My friend was a staff member on another server, and I used to hang out with him a lot. We used to have fun catching hackers and generally helping the server out! Even though he had the role, I helped out a lot!

    If you could change just one thing on SkyCrush, what would it be, and why?:
    I would probably change the price of a few things like minions (make them cost a bit more) and the diamond/emerald blocks (make them a lot cheaper.)

    On a scale of 1-5, how competent are you at finding/dealing with hacked client usage?:
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    I Think, SweatFul That You Have a very good chance, and that you will be a great staff member i am your friend in real life and you are on alot. So i Wish You Good Luck!!! Also you are very active on discord and that you help others out, like new people they join and they say an i have some money i am new can i have a booster and your there and you pay them 50k+. so over all i think you will be a great Staff member for skycrush and Good Luck