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    Your IGN (in-game name):

    How old are you?:

    What is your timezone?:

    When did you start playing on SkyCrush?:
    Dec 31, 2018

    What times can you be on SkyCrush?:
    Monday - Friday: 4pm - 2am
    Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 4am

    Are you able to use SkyCrush's Discord? Do you have a microphone?:

    Are you able to record in-game? If so what do you use?
    I usually use the default Window recorder (Win + G), however I am able to use other screen recorders if needed.

    Have you ever been banned/temp banned on *any* servers?:

    Why are you applying for staff on SkyCrush over other servers?:
    I believe that I am able to represent the server greatly as I have a lot of experience when it comes to being
    a loyal staff member on Minecraft servers. I have worked with multiple popular networks such as:

    HybridPE | Top voted server on MCPE for 4 years
    LifeBoat | Partnered with Mojang
    CosmicPE | Verified P.E server for CosmicPvP

    With this being said, I do know what I am doing as a staff member. I know what a hacker is and I know what they look like. If I am unsure, I would SS them. If it is blatant like b-hopping, then I would ban them with the video evidence which will be given to higher staff members if the player asks to see it immediately after his/her ban.

    Lack of Staff - There is currently very little staff members and I am confident I will be active and helpful here.

    What qualities would you bring to the staff team?:
    I am a very active person in this community and I feel like I am able to improve the server with the knowledge I have playing the server. I am a very dedicated person that strives to assist players to the best of my abilities. I envy happy players over anything.

    Out of every other staff application that we will receive, what makes yours stand out above the rest?:
    I've had experiences dealing with large crowds / chaos and handling impatient players. With the experience I have, I am able to come up with new ideas that can improve the server and it's community. I am very patient when it comes to players that like to disobey or not come to an agreement with another player. I am also able to be online at anytime given which is a crucial part of moderating a server.

    Do you have previous experience moderating a community? If so, where? What did you learn from this experience?:
    I've moderated a lot of servers throughout the years, mostly P.E (Pocket Edition) servers, however, it doesn't mean it requires poor moderation skills. I've been staff on servers such as LifeBoat and CosmicPE, both servers very well-known in the P.E Minecraft. I am currently a co-owner on HybridPE - server that had all 3 gamemodes repeatedly on the top 3 spots for over 4 years straight. This is not going to affect my activity on SkyCrush.

    If you could change just one thing on SkyCrush, what would it be, and why?:
    If I can change 1 thing about the server, I would change how the Minions function. They usually cost way too much for new players and they die within a few days. (Area too short to explain)

    On a scale of 1-5, how competent are you at finding/dealing with hacked client usage?: